Download FinalCrypt 1.5.0

- nSb - Download FinalCrypt 1.5.0

Download FinalCrypt 1.5.0

Open in new window  - nSb - Download FinalCrypt 1.5.0File Size: 70.36 MB FinalCrypt a file encryption program that encrypts large data files with large cipher files. The unique approach used here is that cipher keys are replaced by much larger cipher files like a unique personal photo or video that only you have and used to toggle the bits in your data file with the unique bit patterns in your cipher file. No supercomputer can bruteforce attack generate a cipher file that looks just like your secret personal photo or video file, so security guaranteed. Secure one or more files using a secret cipher file The program is pretty straightforward, featuring a classic two-panel layout similar to that used by most file managers. In the left panel, you can browse to a specified folder and select the files you wish to encrypt, while the cipher file can be selected the right panel.
FinalCrypt allows you to encrypt any number of files at once. All you need to do is select them all and click the Encrypt button. If you are processing very large files, you can even pause the operation and resume it later. Transfer files securely and decrypt them using your cipher file Once processed, files will be renamed with the .BIT extension, and the original items will be deleted. You should make sure the cipher file is kept safe and backed up, as you will not be able to recover your data without it.
In order to access the files again, you need to run the encryption operation again using the same cipher file. While not too complicated, the process is a bit counterintuitive, as first-time users may not be able to figure out how to decrypt their files without reading the instructions. Useful encryption utility that relies on cipher files All in all, FinalCrypt is a fairly simple application that can certainly get the job done, keeping your files safe using a cipher file to encrypt their contents. It is not at all difficult to use, but the decryption process may be somewhat confusing for first-time users.
Whats New: Added extended throughput statistics Added Secure Delete (Shredding original files after encryption)–nl/F…

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