Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro]

Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro] - d6a - Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro]

Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro]

Open in new window Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro] - d6a - Download EssentialPIM v5.3.2 [Pro]Requirements: Android 4.0.3+ | File size: 17,9 MB
This is an Android version of highly popular on Windows platform personal information manager – EssentialPIM. It allows you to manage Calendars, To Dos, Notes, Contacts and Passwords. All in one package
– Synchronize all your data
Syncs with Windows version of EssentialPIM Free and EssentialPIM Pro. Synchronization with Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Google Contacts is also available. – Powerful calendar views
Colorful, easy-to-read day, week, month, year and agenda views. Support for customized categories. – Hierarchical to do structure
Flexible structure that organizes tasks into multiple trees, with sub trees and leafs. – Tree-like multilevel notes structure
Multiple views allow very quick notes management and location of data. – Conveniently organized contacts
Wide selection of fields and unlimited number of contact groups. Each contact can be assigned to several groups. – Secure passwords list
Self-locking mechanism offers safe and convenient way to store all your passwords and other sensitive data. – Beautiful and functional widgets (some of them available through in-app purchase)
Make use of Calendar (agenda and month views), To Do and quick add new EPIM items widgets. Place shortcuts for EPIM modules on the home screen for quicker access. – Password protect the whole app
Keep your personal information safe and secure in EssentialPIM, lock it down with a password. Data is encrypted with a random 256-bit AES key. – Intuitive user interface
Offers fast and responsive user interface that ly resembles Windows version of EPIM for better adaptation. Android dark and light themes included. – Translated in 21 languages
Thanks to our volunteers, EssentialPIM is now available in English, Belorussian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese languages. See the about translation section below to become a part of the community.
Key features:
– Includes Calendar (day, week, month, year and agenda views), To Do (hierarchical structure), Notes (tree-like multilevel structure), Contacts (groups and unlimited custom fields) and Passwords (secure, self-locking mechanism) modules
– Fast and responsive user interface with dark and light themes
– Customizable widgets (calendar month and agenda views, to do, quick add new items, modules shortcuts)
– Flawless synchronization with Win EPIM works over Wi-Fi, cellular networks (3G, LTE), Bluetooth or USB cable
– Available in 21 languages
– Ads free
EssentialPIM Pro (paid version) exclusive features:
– Beautiful Calendar (agenda and month views) and To Do widgets
– Ability to show to dos in calendar
– Password protect the whole app
– Your personal information: used only if you set up synchronization with Windows version of EssentialPIM
– Your accounts: will only be used if you set up synchronization of To Dos with Google Tasks
– Phone calls: determines whether the app is able to send/receive synchronization data to/Windows version of EssentialPIM
Whats new:
– Passwords groups hierarchy will now be correctly synced through Google
– Couple of minor UI improvements
– Improved synchronization of notes with Google Drive
– Fixed issue with recurring tasks not being correctly created on the last day of each month (if set so in the recurrence settings)
– Fixed synchronization error with Windows EPIM
– Other minor fixes…… …………………………………………….

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