Download CDex 1.96 Multilingual


Download CDex 1.96 Multilingual

Open in new window Download CDex 1.96 Multilingual - WS4 - Download CDex 1.96 MultilingualFile size: 19.9 MB
CDex can extract the data directly (digital) an Audio CD, which is generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility. The resulting audio file can be a plain WAV file (useful for making compilation audio CDs) or the ripped audio data can be compressed using an audio encoder such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, WMA or OGG. Many encoders are supported, to name a few:
Lame MP3 encoder 3.99.5 – MPEG Audio Layer III (.mp3)
FLAC encoder 1.31 – Free Lossless Audio Codec (.flac)
Ogg Vorbis encoder – Ogg 1.3.2 and Vorbis 1.3.4 (.ogg .oga)
Monkey’s Audio encoder – Lossless Audio(.ape)
Microsoft WMA encoder – Windows Media Audio (.wma)
Internal MP2 encoder – MPEG Audio Layer 2 (.mp2)
Yamaha VQF encoder – TwinVQ (.vqf)
Astrid / Quartex AAC encoder
Psytel AAC encoder
External Xing encoder
WAV output encoder
FAAC encoder – Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
FAAD2 decoder
Gogo-no-coda encoder
External musepack encoder
NTT VQF encoder
Windows MP3 encoder (Fraunhofer MP3 encoder)
Windows WMA8 encoder
In addition, WAV files on the hard drive can be converted to a Compressed Audio File (and vice versa). CDex also supports many audio file tag formats like the ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, which can be automatically inserted as part of the ripping process.
Feature List
Direct recording of multiple tracks
Read / store album information /to the cdplayer.ini file
Read / store album information /to a local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB)
Support CD-Text (if your CD-drive supports it)
Advanced jitter correction (based on the cd-paranoia ripping library)
Indicates track progress and jitter control
Normalization of audio signal
Supports many CD-Drive many manufacters
Conversion of external WAV files
Support for M3U and PLS play list files
Best of all, it’s free (GPL license, source code available)
Serveral languages are supported
Whats New :
-Fixed Windows 10 library compatibility issue
-Several bug fixes Home Page

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