Download Axure RP Team Edition


Download Axure RP Team Edition

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Design the right solution. Create simple click-through diagrams or highly functional, rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, animations, math functions, and data-driven interactions without writing a single line of code. Easy to share
Click a button, and Axure RP will publish your diagrams and prototypes to Axure Share on the cloud or on-premises. Just send a link (and password) and others can view your project in a browser. On mobile devices, use a browser or the Axure Share App for iOS and Android.
Diagramming and Documentation
Create flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, user journeys, personas, idea boards and more. Quickly drag and drop elements built-in or custom libraries to create your diagrams. Then, style it with fills, gradients, line styles, and text formatting. Annotate your diagrams and prototypes to specify functionality, keep track of tasks, or store project information. Organize your notes into separate fields for different audiences. Choose which notes to present in the HTML or in an auto-generated Word document that includes .
Easier Team Collaboration
Axure RP allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same time, making it easier for your team to work together. Create a team project on Axure share or SVN and use a check-in and check-out system to manage changes. Team projects also keep a history of changes with notes for each check-in.
Release Notes:- Updated Icon library and added categories
– Fixed some issues with proxy and startup
– Fixed duplicating a Panel State containing a Repeater
– Fixed error opening Widget Style Manager with no pages open
– Fixed some AVs not matching imported libraries
– Fixed some issues converting SVG to shape
– Fixed some shapes copied Sketch incorrectly combining
– Fixed adding and loading bullets on blank text
– Fixed error resizing table with Text Link
– Fixed error ‘n’ somehow getting into a Text Link
– Fixed Toggle Left/Right toolbar buttons when in overflow
– Fixed an error generating Spec with legacy DPs
– Fixed pen tool potentially overwriting Shape style
– Fixes for live editing previews
– Fixed some images not rendering in the HTML
– Fixed error pushing some edge combinations of Widgets in HTML
– Fixed js error enabling a Group with Unplaced Widgets in HTML
– Fixed alignment of Checkbox and Radio Button in HTML
– Fixed selected styling of Widgets in Repeaters in HTML
– Fixed issues with images in Repeaters
– Fixed autosizing in non-refreshed Repeaters
– Fixed some improper wrapping in Tree Widgets System Requirements:
– Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
– 2 GB memory (RAM) minimum, 4 GB recommended
– 1 GHz processor
– 5 GB disk space
– For Word documentation: Microsoft Office Word 2000,
– XP, 2003, 2007, 2010. 2013, or 2016
– For generated HTML: IE/Edge, Firefox, or Chrome

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