Download AnTuTu Benchmark v7.0.2


Download AnTuTu Benchmark v7.0.2

Open in new window download antutu benchmark v7.0.2 - Ra5 - Download AnTuTu Benchmark v7.0.2Requirements: Android 4.1+ | Size: 51,8 MB
AnTuTu Benchmark is free benchmarking app that helps users know deeper into their Android devices through hard numbers and solid facts. AnTuTu benchmark is the most popular Android smartphone and tablet benchmarking app in the world
· Over 100,000,000 users
· Benchmark app used during Google I/O 2014
· No.1 benchmark app, used as an industry standard by leading technology companies and hardware review sites. With the Click and Go test suite, Antutu will comprehensively test all aspects of a device, including UX, GPU, RAM, CPU, I/O and more. Each item is individually assessed and given a score. These scores can be  the Antutu database, and then used to rank your device among all other Android devices.
Benchmark Items:
· User Experience (UX) – Overall device performance with detailed scores.
· CPU Tests – Measures the power of the CPU, and gives hard numbers for its actual performance.
· CPU Single Test– Measures the power of CPU by running CPU single test algorithms.
· RAM Tests – Investigate the real processing capability of the RAM.
· GPU Tests – Measure the performance of real graphics processing, 3D effects, games, and video playing.
· I/O Tests – A direct score that reflects on the actual input/output (I/O) performance your system permits. Get your Antutu benchmark score and ranking Compare and share with your friends
· The Antutu benchmark score of your device is mainly defined by your hardware configuration, but can also be influenced by other elements, including system mode, current device temperature, running apps and more. The score may be vary slightly every time you test.
Whats new:
· Fixed the bug of score loss on some mobile phones.
· Other bugs fixed.… …………………………………………….

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