Download AkustiX v1.2 MacOSX


Download AkustiX v1.2 MacOSX

Open in new window Download AkustiX v1.2 MacOSX - usb - Download AkustiX v1.2 MacOSXFile size: 4.01 MB AkustiX is a collection of six essential enhancement tools combined into one intuitive user interface. Ideal for tracks as well as full mixes AkustiX features six powerful effects: Psycho EQ, Ultra Stereo, Phase Enhance, Multi Exciter, Smart Filter and Stereo Width.
Unlike conventional enhancers AkustiX is easy to use and works well with nearly any kind of material. It’s a one-click solution to make your mix sound professional without knowing about mastering-voodoo. Why is it an essential tool? "The Plug-In provides the fairy-dust that your mix needs. A mighty plus for it’s usability and the low price." Score 4.5 of 5 Six essential effects to complement your track and mastering process
Add brightness, transparency, fatness, vibrancy and depth to your mix
Restore and revitalize old recordings
Drastically enhance your stereo mixes
Exclusive new technology based on the latest in psychoacoustics research
Elegant and intuitive user interface
High-end processing
Powerful spectrum analyzer & phase meter showing stereo imaging and phase
Suitable for mix, mastering and signal restoration purposes
Ships with professional presets for a broad range of mix & mastering tasks Psycho EQ The Psycho EQ dynamically boosts frequencies to equalise the nonlinearities of the human ear. It raises the perceived volume of the mix and makes it sound fat without drastically changing the overall volume. A linear-phase tone control is provided to make your mix sound warm or bright. Ultra Stereo The Ultra Stereo section adds space and transparency. A Virtual Surround Encoder creates a sense of being right in the middle of the mix by stretching the sweet spot around the room. A welcome side effect is that a large part of the room resonances are eliminated. It’s an essential tool to upmix mono to stereo and also drastically enhances existing mixes or old recordings.
Phase Enhance Phase Enhance adds analog punch and masks nonlinearities of speakers or amplifiers. It creates auditory distance by simulating the natural dispersion and propagation of the sound. Diffuse Cream adds silkiness to pads or vocals. Multiband Exciter Designed to enhance presence and brightness the exciter with 8192 bands adds vibrancy and depth to your mix by generating additional harmonics. It can reconstruct missing frequencies analog recordings and low bit-rate encodings. Smart Filter The Smart Filter section enhances transparency and adds more detail by using frequency-domain masking. The easy-to-use noise reduction is an essential tool to clean up analog recordings. Stereo Width The multiband stereo widener allows you to enhance the stereo field while keeping the bass and mono compatibility intact. Realtime display A high precision Spectrum Analyser displays the sound in realtime and reveals weaknesses in your mix. An exclusive, new type of Phase-meter is used to show the phase correlation of your tracks. It provides a real time view of the stereo image by displaying information about the relative phase as well as the frequencies involved. The color bar to the left of the Phase Meter displays the frequency range and the colors used to illustrate the frequencies. System requirements: MAC: OS X 10.5 or higher
Mac formats: 32-bit VST, 64-bit VST, 32-bit Audiounit, 64-bit Audiounit…

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