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Download Aero Nav v3.0144 - wEb - Download Aero Nav v3.0144

Download Aero Nav v3.0144

Open in new window Download Aero Nav v3.0144 - wEb - Download Aero Nav v3.0144Requirements: Android 4.0 and up | Size: 21,4 MB
Help application to aviation type "moving map" for ULM / VFR pilots. Highlight: Customizing the screen depending on the phase of flight (taxi, takeoff, cruise, approach, landing) with an emulation of the instrument of your choice for your needs.
Features: – Playback on a board map (oriented view in North oriented or cap). 30 maps offered as standard. ICAO Cartabossy, Air Million … optional. Uses standardized tile system
– Registration of flights and export to KML (visualization flights on Google Earth)
– Display (replay) of memory flights all active instruments
– Choice of units (km / h, knots, meters, feet, kilometers, miles, liters, gallons)
– Automatic management of the logbook
– Checklist (choice aircraft customization by importing a text file)
– Display of altitude AMSL or AGL (correction GUND)
– 5 configurations (takeoff, cruise, approach, landing, taxiing or free) configurable (zoom, map, direction, overload vac geotagged maps, instruments) allowing you to quickly customize the display during flight
– Viewing Aerial zones superimposed on the map
– Alarm penetration areas
– View flight parameters on instruments (HSI, ILS, Altimeter, Compass, display navigation, VOR)
– Database of over 45,000 airfields / 150 countries, ULM bases, Alti-surfaces, hydro-surfaces … with complete description, frequencies, tracks, weather, VAC cards, approach charts, record BASULM, photos, webcam
– Displays tracks superimposed on the card with identification
– Views of gross METARs and decoded, AZBA, SUP AIP.
– Storing "my base," the last destinations, favorite destinations for quick access
– Display nearby courses sorted by distance with cap
– Display of check-points, VOR, NDB
– Viewing Profile ground and aerial zones ahead of the trajectory of the plane (adjustable zoom)
– Viewing of the aircraft’s velocity vector on the map and terrain profile (adjustable)
– Management of personal items with import and sharing (GPX)
– Analysis (measurement) with wind considered in navigation calculations
– Multi-Device Management
– Quote of the masses and balance
– Battery monitoring with alarm
– Handling adapted to turbulent flights, microlight with large buttons
– Context menu for fast access and simple functions
– Note taking finger (eg frequency)
– Display weather forecast animated map of the rain, wind, lightning, clouds, on 48
– Display Gramet (weather charts)
– Creation, modification of routes
– (. Ex Navigation François Fouchet) Import routes in GPX format, direct import or by email (simplifies exchanges)
– Sharing roads with other drivers by email
– Optimized loading cards according roads.
– Viewing other users on the map (automatic exchange of flight positions)
– Calculation of consumption with alarm by battery life
– Displaying the nav log
– Access to geotagged maps (VAC and direct approach on card), updated data for a period of one year
– Available in French, English and Spanish.
Whats new:
– Adds the possibility to send its position by SMS (security).
– Automatic adjustment of brightness.
– Restarting the display of cap-oriented maps.
– Sharing configurations between devices. – Adds zones and classes 14 new countries
– Portrait / Landscape selection
– Zoom by the volume button
– Customizing the organization of the main screen
– Adds the curve to the variometer
– Improvements et adjustments according to user feedback… …………………………………………….

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