Download 3C Toolbox Pro v1. [Patched]


Download 3C Toolbox Pro v1. [Patched]

Open in new window Download 3C Toolbox Pro v1. [Patched] - ul9 - Download 3C Toolbox Pro v1. [Patched]Requirements: Android 4.0 and up | File size: 14,6 MB
The most comprehensive toolbox to save battery, tweak, tune, backup, secure and monitor any Android devices running any ROMs, any kernels (Android 2.3 up-to Android L). Feature set (some require root access, try free version first):
– Device manager
– Device profiles (CPU, IO, components)
– Tasks scheduler (app management, clean-up, etc)
– Device watchers to automatically activate a profile, run tasks or display alarms
– Battery savings using profiles and tasks
– File explorer
– Batch copy/paste, zip, delete, move, share and stream files and folders
– Change files/folders permissions and ownership
– Access all your Samba network shares
Application manager:
– Backup and verify app apk/data (multiple versions), sms and call-logs
– System app uninstaller and update cleaner
– Share and backup apps to e-mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc…
– Move any apps to user, system, SD or link2SD
– Freeze/unfreeze apps, crystallize (eg hibernate/greenify) and control app startup and events
– Zip align, clear cache, wipe dalvik-cache, fix permissions and optimize databases
– Control app notifications, permissions, locker (secure access), rotation and force screen-on
– Usage and standby statistics (find app draining your battery)
Network manager:
– Set WiFi access point priority
– Configure Android firewall, TCP Congestion, DNS
Task manager:
– Check CPU, network and memory usage
– Kill (default) or force-stop *1 any apps or kernel processes
– Automatic task killer, memory booster, memory cleaner
System Control:
– CPU governor, frequency, voltage, GPU controls, thermal and MPDecision controls
– Build.prop and sysctl editor (basic and advanced mode)
– Boost, analyze and benchmark SD cards
– Android memory manager, memory cleaner, SD linker (directory binder)
– fsync, sweep2wake, gamma and fast charge control
– Safe: restore defaults app or recovery and CPU settings on boot-loop
System Monitoring:
–  All Android or all processes, battery, CPU, network, memory
–  Component states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)
Status bar notifications:
– Battery, cpu, memory, sd, temperature optionally with graphics in drop-down
– Add battery remaining bar on top or bottom
– Remove original battery icon
Highly Configurable Widgets:
– Resizable gauge widget
– 1×1 and 2×1 (PRO ONLY) text widgets
– 2×1-5×2 graphic widgets (PRO ONLY)
– 1×1 and 4×1-1×4 (PRO ONLY) toggle widgets
– 4×4 summary widget (PRO ONLY)
System Toggles (manual widgets or in profiles):
– GPS, WiFi localization
– WiFi, BT, BT discoverable, APN, NFC, airplane
– Tethering (USB, WiFi, BT)
– Brightness, screen time-out, stay awake, flashlight
– Ringer, vibrate, synchro, background data
– Debug (over WiFi), unknown sources, USB storage, reboot
Terminal Emulator & Script Editor:
– Command history
– Run or test any scripts, optionally on boot
– Share scripts, commands and outputs
System Logs Reader:
– Add background option to circle widget
– Add dialog to select backups for deletion
– Add secondary backup folder option
– Allow app installation remote locations on non-rooted devices
– Fix indicator lines blocking installation or permission handling
– Fix firewall white/black list switches
– Various other improvements and bug fixes
Caution: Rooting and root brushing your mobile device can compromise its performance or cause malfunctions.
Whats new:
– Add backup version protection (prevents auto-deleting)
– Fix app not starting when Xposed module is enabled… /blogs/7zipper/

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