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Deswik Mining Consultants Pty Ltd., has released Deswik Suite 2016.1, a powerful design platform with superior data handling – the next generation of planning tools for mining.

Our industry leading software solutions include:

Deswik.CAD – Design & Solids Modeling A powerful design platform with superior data handling. The next generation of planning tools for mining.

Deswik.Sched – Gantt Chart Scheduling A powerful Gantt chart scheduler specifically designed to handle the challenges of mine planning.

Deswik.IS – Interactive Scheduler Bridging the planning gap between designing and scheduling.

Deswik.LHS – Landform & Haulage Understand material movement like never before with scenario-based modeling and analysis.

Deswik.Blend – Material Flow Modeling Optimize your product value with material flow modeling for both coal and metals.

Deswik.Agg – Coal Seam Aggregation Simplifying complex aggregation processes to create fit for purpose Run-of-Mine reserves.

Deswik.SO – Stope Optimizer Underground stope shape optimization using the industry leading SSO v2.0.

Deswik.ASD – Auto Stope Designer Automatically create mineable stopes for narrow-vein vertical mining methods.

Deswik.OPDB – Open Pit Drill & Blast Fast, efficient drill and blast design for surface mining methods.

Deswik.UGDB – Underground Drill & Blast Fast, efficient drill and blast design for underground mining methods.

Deswik.SOT – Schedule Optimization Tool Realize more value from your resource with an NPV optimized schedule.

Deswik.MDM – Mining Data Management A spatial database and process workflow management tool.

Deswik.FM – File Manager Proactively manage data versioning with an integrated document management system.

Deswik Advanced Modules Advanced functionality tailored to the specialized demands of the specific mining sectors.

About Deswik Mining Consultants (Australia) Pty Ltd. Deswik is a global consulting and technology company that delivers efficiency focused solutions to the mining industry across all sectors – Open Cut Coal, Underground Coal, Open Pit Metals and Underground Metals. Our dedicated team of mining engineers and software developers provide solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients through our software, consulting and training offerings.

Product: Deswik

Version: 2016.1.542.0

Supported Architectures: x64

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Language: english

System Requirements: PC

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 or Windows 10

Size: 351.4 mb

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