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cURL, or Client URL Request Library, is developed as a command line application that helps you transfer files using a URL syntax and save them on your computer. The application supports a wide range of protocols such as POP3, POP3S, DICT, FILE, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, FTPS, LDAPS, Gopher, Telnet, TFTP and SCP. As far as certificates go, it supports HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, SSL, HTTP form based upload, user+password authentication, cookies, proxies, proxy tunneling and file transfer resume. If all this isn’t sufficient for you, you should know that cURL is an open source application, meaning that you have total freedom to enhance its features or include it into a third party application. While running cURL, it displays a progress meter that informs you of the amount of data that is being transferred and the estimated time until completion. This progress meter can be viewed automatically to the terminal. The application generates two separate projects: libcurl, and curl. The first one, libcurl is an easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, while curl receives and sends files using URL syntax. Libcurl can handle full URL syntax with no length limit and allows you to change the maximum acceptable time and speed. Libcurl is also capable of guessing protocols the hosts’ name and offers standard proxy environment variables support.

Whats new in version 7.58.0Changes: new libssh-powered SSH SCP/SFTP back-end curl-config: add –ssl-backends

Bugfixes: http2: fix incorrect trailer buffer size http: prevent custom Authorization headers in redirects travis: add boringssl build examples/xmlstream.c: don’t switch off CURL_GLOBAL_SSL SSL: Avoid magic allocation of SSL backend specific data lib: don’t export all symbols, just everything curl_’ sections in a single pattern openssl: fix potential memory leak in SSLKEYLOGFILE logic SSH: Fix state machine for ssh-agent authentication examples/url2file.c: add missing curl_global_cleanup call http2: don’t connection when single transfer is stopped libcurl-env.3: first version curl: progress bar refresh, get width using ioctl CONNECT_TO: fail attempt to set an IPv6 numerical without IPv6 support

OS: Windows All
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