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iScrapbook is a digital scrapbook tool designed for both novice and professional scrapbookers. Its class-leading assortment of design tools are sophisticated, yet easy to use.

iScrapbook is the #1 scrapbooking application for Mac. It’s designed for both novice and professional scrapbookers. iScrapbook manages the entire scrapbooking process from page design to album organization.

Start with a template or create your own design from scratch.

iScrapbook comes with over 200 professionally-designed templates to get you started. Simply drag and drop your photos into the placeholders on the template to make it your own. Customize further with journaling, headlines, artwork, and more.

NEW The amazing Photo Analyzer.

Select any photo on your design and then press a special button to see the dominant colors in the photo. You can then create a color scheme based on these colors.

NEW Create designer-worthy color schemes.

Use the built-in color wheel to discover color combinations based on the same color theory that artists use. To make your color exploration more fun, the color wheel spins when you select a new base color and offers educational tips.

NEW Perfect blends between colors.

Create blends between two colors to create a monochromatic look that’s pleasing to the eye. Supports tints, shades, tones, and custom blends.

NEW Grab the color of any pixel.

Use the eyedropper tool to quickly and easily retrieve the color of any pixel on your screen — a convenient way to create color schemes from artwork or source material already on your design.

NEW Warm vs cool colors.

Warm versus cool refers to the psychological impact colors have in conveying a message. Warm colors are frequently associated with the warm of fire and the sun while cool colors are frequently associated with the coolness of the sea, sky, and foliage. The warm/cool indicator divides the color wheel into warm and cool colors, so you correctly convey the messaging you want.

Maps integration.

Add a beautiful map to your scrapbook page to help others see exactly where the event you’re scrapbooking took place. This feature is especially useful for remembering out-of-the-way towns on road trips and international destinations that might be unfamiliar to others. Choose from standard, satellite, and hybrid maps. Plus, you can also include routes, points of interest, and marker pins.

Impress with 3D headlines.

Use a 3D headline to give your page an eye-catching sophistication usually only achievable by professional designers. You get to control everything: the materials used for the headline, the lighting, the reflections, the 3-dimension perspective, and more. You’ll be amazed how easy and fun it is to experiment with different looks.

One-click photo frames are quick and easy

With one click, you can now add a frame to any photo. Choose from 10+ different frame styles. Each style is customizable so you customize attributes like color, border tickness, etc.

Includes: simple borders (square corners, round corners, circular), photo corners (black, white, silver, gold), tape (transparent & masking), staples, corner cutouts, scalloped edges, polaroid (regular, antique, crinkled, tattered, faded, vintage), mat (adjustable bevel), and burnt edges.

Instant paper overlays add texture.

iScrapbook uses advanced image compositing to blend built-in textures with your photos. The textures make it simple to customize your photos with a variety of sophisticated and antique motifs. Choose from over 49 different overlays including papers (folded, crumpled, canvas, linen, and more), glass, and old film (dust, scratches, crackle).

Draggable special effects.

Normally, a special effect is applied directly to a photo. But sometimes you want a special effect to appear on top of a shape, solid-color background, or across several objects on your page. Now you can with three special lighting effects that you simply drag and drop anywhere on your page: sunburst (all-new), sparkle, and lenticular halo.

Fun smart shapes.

Scrapbookers love to frame and crop photos with fun shapes. iScrapbook includes 50+ smart shapes many of which can be customized. In addition to regular shapes, these include bracket frames, doughnuts, speech bubbles, shields, teardrop, stars, and more.

Reflection perfection.

You can easily add a reflection to any graphic, shape, or text box and the reflection is completely customizable. For example, you can control the transparency, height, and offsets of the reflection to get the exact effect you’re after.

Streamlined font previews.

The Font Preview shows you exactly how your selected text will look in different fonts. You can choose to display the previews in a list or as an animation in which the previews glide across the window in random directions. The animation option lets you sit back and watch for the ideal font.

Requirements: macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

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