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File Size : 1.2 MbMakes DNS changes more easily and lets you choose the one that fits your browsing habits a series of alternative DNS.ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you a simple but effective graphic user interface to select the network adapter/card and change its corresponding DNS with the selected DNS the preset lists or with a custom DNS. Features are diverse and give you the possibility to maintain your DNS database.

The software will make your life easier: You may want to protect your anonymity in which case you can select a server the anonymous DNS preset group list. Or you may choose to use secure DNS servers that filter out websites that are potential threats to your PC (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans etc). Furthermore with your children browsing the internet you might choose to switch to a Family Safe DNS server to steer clear of harmful websites like adult ones, or those that encourage violence, drugs and/or indecent behavior. In the end it might be that you just want a faster DNS than the one your internet provider has, in which case you might use one of the regular DNS preset group or one your custom DNS group.

Features: Change your computer DNS with just 1 click.

Set your favorite DNS or select one the software’s DNS database.

The DNS Database contains presets grouped by type: regular DNS, secure DNS, family Safe DNS, anonymous DNS and custom DNS.

Protect your online experience by using a secure DNS server that filters out websites that are potentially threats to your PC (avoiding viruses, malware, trojans etc.)

Block adult websites or those that encourage violence, drugs and/or indecent behavior by selecting a Family Safe DNS.

Improve your privacy while you surf the internet by using an anonymous DNS.

Gain access to websites that are blocked or restricted in your country/area using a regular or anonymous DNS.

Saves your initial DNS settings so you can safely restore them back at any time.

Easy add and edit your own DNS address in the Custom DNS preset list.

Fast switch your DNS systray popup menu.

Launch software on Windows boot.

Minimize ChrisPC DNS switch to systray Whats New:

Improved support for Windows 10.

Other fixes and improvements.Homepage

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