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File Size: 55.09 MB If you are among the ones that like to keep a eye on their system and check its health periodically, then CAM might become that app you immediately place in the Windows startup. It manages to monitor the functioning parameters of your PC and displays written notifications when the computer requires your attention. Create an account and start using the application CAM is easy to deploy and install but an account its required for you to use it. You can either create one or, more conveniently, login using one of the supported social media accounts.

Following a brief introduction and a few customization options to set the interface color and the computer’s name, CAM reveals its main window. Thanks to the tab-based approach, everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. Brief and in-depth information and graphs about your system The Dashboard hosts information about the temperatures, the usage rates, and the fan speeds of the CPU and the GPU, all displayed in real-time. Additionally, CAM shows details concerning the hard disk, and the RAM memory.

It’s important to know that the Dashboard only shows you a brief overview of the computer’s parameters. More detailed graphs are found in the ‘Advanced’ area, where you can check the CPU status (core clock, voltage, fan) and take a r look at every core.

Additional data is displayed for the motherboard, the RAM load, hard disk SMART attributes, and the network traffic. Game monitoring and overclocking capabilities One of the most powerful features of CAM is the real-time monitoring of gaming sessions. In other words, you can have a look at your PC’s specifications while playing a resource-demanding game, which helps you test the system’s performance and identify components that might need replacing in the near future. Not only that CAM can run while you play but it can also include key performance metrics in the game, including the FPS rate.

CAM also features some tuning and optimization capabilities. To use such options, you must be fully aware of the impact of the GPU overclocking might have on your PC and the risks it involves.

Another distinct feature of CAM is that it can monitor the performance of Kraken coolers, GRID+ fans, and HUE+ lighting systems. However, please note that you must select the corresponding modules during installation for the application to recognize such components. Historical data about your PC – saved to the cloud With both system monitoring and optimization capabilities, CAM might fancy to many. Although it is possible to take a snapshot of the main window within the application to share specifications with others, it would not be a bad idea to allow data exporting.

Not only that CAM displays information in real time about the main PC components but it saves the history to the cloud, so that you can access it anytime.

Here is everything you can do with CAM:

FPS tracking – Track frames per second (FPS) for all of your favorite games

GPU overclock – Effortlessly overclock your GPU and push your FPS to the max.

Advanced dash – Gain access to a wealth of information including detailed graphs and in-depth stats

Instant alerts – Instant warning when components aren’t functioning properly

In-Game overlay – Display key temperatures and performance metrics in game

Core temps – Monitor CPU and GPU temperature at all times

Cloud data – Review your PC’s historical data to identify abnormal activity

Whats New:

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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