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Converting between various media formats isn’t such a difficult task if the right tools are used. AVS to DVD is a nice utility that can convert various media formats to DVD compatible streams and burn them into a single track DVD. The app has a clean interface that should be quite easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout. The program supports various file formats, including 3GP, AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MPEG, MOV, WMV and AVS, to name just a few. Once a file is loaded, the utility provides several details regarding it, including the title, directory location, video and audio stats, including the resolution, frequency, bitrate and duration. You may also fiddle with various settings regarding the output file, including the video and audio encoding profiles, video aspect ratio, resolution and bitrate. Also, the app includes tools that enable you to create a DVD menu. Thus, you can create two types of menus: static or motion. The aspect ratio can be set to standard or widescreen, while the titles format may be set to text or thumbnails. There are several templates that you can work with. It’s also possible to define the maximum number of titles per page and the format in which these appear. The process only takes a few seconds to complete and the file is saved to a directory of your choice. The bottom line is that AVStoDVD is a nice tool that can be quite helpful. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout.

Features: Video and audio editing using AviSynth. Video encoding using QuEnc/HCenc/ReJig/FFmpeg. Audio encoding using QuEnc/FFmpeg/Aften/Wavi. Multiple Audio tracks supported. Subtitles encoding using SubtitlesCreator. Multiple subtitles tracks supported. DVD Authoring using MuxMan/BatchMux. ISO Image Building and DVD Burning using ImgBurn. Internal DVD Menu Editor with customizable static and motion menus

Whats New:

– Some bugs fixed

– Added AviSynth plugin DSS2mod to replace DirectShowSource for video frame serving in ‘A2DSource.avsi’ script

– Added support to WebM files (*.webm) as input files, subset of Matroska

– Added warning messages when AVC/AAC title is added and Microsoft DTV-DVD decoders are default codecs

– Added a warning message when input title has a DVD compliant audio track with delay, to force audio re-encode

– Added check of .NET Framework 2 presence in ‘Preferences’/’System’/’Software Info’

– Added BDSup2Sub 5.1.2 to improve bitmap-based subs handling (resize and resync). It requires Java Runtime Environment

– Added check of Java Runtime Environment presence in ‘Preferences’/’System’/’Software Info’

– Added ‘Smart Selection’ option to ‘Preferences’/’AviSynth’/’Hard FrameRate Conversion’ option (see Help section for more details)

– Added AviSynth script ‘MCJMFPS.avsi’ for hard fps conversions (thanks to johnmeier and manolito doom9)

– Dropped AviSynth script ‘MotionProtectedFPS.avsi’ for hard fps conversions, mainly due to edge artifacts

– Revised other ‘Preferences’/’AviSynth’/’Hard FrameRate Conversion’ option labels

– Revised video encoder smart selection rationale: no more HCenc VBR 1-pass for multicore CPUs

– Revised DVD Menu Highlight colors list (Selection and Play). Now they replicate default DVD palette used in AVStoDVD.

– Revised ‘Force FFmpeg when temp WAV is > 4GB’ in ‘Preferences’/’Audio’ rationale: now it is applied also for 1.0/2.0 channels tracks longer than 3 hours

– Improved support of VobSub subtitles: resize and resync BD sources is now implemented with BDSup2Sub

– Improved handling of “non-mod4” interlaced sources within the AviSynth script generation routine

– Spun off Preferred DirectShow Codecs Tool in a separate executable file ‘A2DCodecs.exe’

– Removed ‘Execute AVStoDVD with Elevated Privileges’ option in ‘Preferences’/’Misc’

– LAV Filters updated to release 0.70.2

– AVSMeter updated to release 2.6.5

– FFMpegSource plugin updated to release 2.22 r1293+111 (C plugin)
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