Ambience – Nature sounds v1.11.2 [Premium]

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Requirements: Android 4.2 and up | Size: 35,8 MB

Ambience it’s a mixer of relaxing sounds. You can mix many nature sounds and music in order to obtain your ideal relaxed ambience based on your mood. All sounds are high quality You can use this app for sleeping, meditation, concentration, reading or just relaxing. Minimize anxiety, insomnia, and the symptoms of tinnitus by using this handy sound compiler to mask the annoying and distracting sounds around you. CONTAINS NEARLY 73 HIGH QUALITY RELAXING SOUNDS (ALL FREE) FOR ANY MOOD, DIVIDED IN THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES:

· Rain sounds (Morning rain, Umbrella, Thunders, Light rain, Heavy rain, Distant thunder, Tent, Window, Roof)

· Ocean sounds (Calm waves, Waves, Seagulls, Scuba diver, Dolphins, Sailboat, Whale)

· River sounds (River, Creek, Waterfall, Brook)

· Night sounds (Crickets, Grasshoppers, Owls, Wolves, Loon, Frogs, Coyote, Coqui)

· Countryside sounds (Blackbirds, Crows, Farm, Horse, Cowbells, Sheep, Eagle, Cicadas, Turtledove)

· Wind sounds (Light wind, Strong wind, Mountain wind, Under the door)

· Fire sounds (Fireplace, Campfire)

· Relaxing music (Piano, Guitar, Violin, Harp, Flute)

· Traditional Asian sounds (Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Bells, Om, Flute, Didgeridoo, Chimes, Guzheng)

· City/Urban sounds (Musician, Coffee Shop, Fountain, Children, Traffic, Road work, Subway, Train station)

· Home sounds (Fan, Air Conditioner, Hairdryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Cat purring, Shower, Washing Machine, Jacuzzi, Fridge) You can mix many relaxing sounds together and adjust the volume of each of them. When you find an ideal relaxing ambience, you can save your combination in order to playback it when you want. Designed with an interactive and intuitive user-interface, this app allows you to create and mix your own ambiance. You can save as many sound combinations as you like and play them whenever you are studying, walking home, reading, and even when preparing to sleep (an in-app timer can be set to allow auto-stop whenever you fall asleep). No streaming is required for playback (no data connection required).

Main features:

· Mix up to 10 sounds simultaneously

· Individual volume control

· Saving of the combinations

· Many preset combinations

· Timer for the automatic closing

· Mute on incoming calls Whats new:

· Improvements about UI and performance…

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Download Ambience – Nature sounds v1.11.2 [Premium]

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