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AKVIS Pastel is the best software for conversion of photos into pastel paintings. The program turns your image into a lifelike digital art imitating one of the most popular artistic techniques – pastel art. Pastel bridges the gap between painting and drawing. The pastel sticks consisting of powdered pigment generate soft velvety strokes with subtle edges which can be smeared with your fingers. To paint in pastels, you need a rough textured surface which holds the pigment. A distinctive feature of the pastel technique is the deep vibrant shimmering colors and rich velvety texture. Unlike oil and watercolor paints, pastels don’t cover the whole surface. The small gaps let the paper show through the strokes and increase the general picturesque effect. AKVIS Pastel is a powerful tool to unleash your creativity. Once you load your image in the program, you can choose one of the effect presets or change the pastel settings to create a unique painting. The adjustable effect parameters give you a strong sense of control over your digital art. The software starts creating your new pastel by a mouse click. The advanced brush tools will help you to refine the result, change the direction of the automatic strokes, strengthen or weaken the pastel effect on different areas, put the finishing touches to your picture. To obtain a true pastel painting, it’s especially important to choose a right surface. Generally, pastel artists use a textured paper. With the software you can put your painting to any surface: sanded paper, MDF board, brick wall, and others. Abstract artworks are hard to look away ; they express the balance between order and chaos, geometry and nature. The Abstract Art tab expands the range of creative opportunities by enabling you to create non-objective pastels in vibrant, vivid colors. Experiment with shape, form, color and line to make your digital paintings come alive Using the program, you can not only create a pastel painting your photo, you can personalize your artwork by adding a signature, a title, or a greeting. In addition, a rich library of amazing frames to decorate pastel drawings is accessible directly in the program. The Batch Processing option in the program lets you apply the artistic effect to a folder full of images and automatically convert all pictures. It is a very useful and time-saving feature especially when you need to make a number of drawings at the same style for a site, blog or booklet. Whats new in Version 4.0:

AKVIS Pastel automatically converts your photos into amazing pastel paintings. Version 4.0 provides the updated Texture Library, new Random Patterns feature in the Frame tab, various interface improvements, support for new RAW files, and other changes. Create real masterpieces out of your photos In Version 4.0: Updated Texture Library The Texture Library in the Frame tab has been revised and updated It offers an impressive array of new high quality textures and patterns divided into different subject categories including Holidays, Nature, Post Stamps, etc. The Pattern Frame includes two additional categories: Stars and Ornaments & Doodles. Experiment with the settings and make the same image look completely different

Random Patterns Frame The Pattern frame offers the new feature – Random Patterns Just activate the check-box to mix up to 20 patterns in one frame. Use the Random Seed setting to create multiple combinations by mouse click. Interface Improvements The user interface has undergone several improvements. The check-boxes in the Frame tab have been replaced with new easily operated icons. The enabled tools in the Toolbar are now marked with color to make it easier to distinguish between the enabled/disabled states. Also in the new version: – added support for more RAW files in the standalone version; – improved the brightness increasing algorithm for patterns and textures; – fixed minor bugs.

System Requirements:

– Mac OS X 10.7-10.11, macOS 10.12-10.13

– Intel, 4 Gb RAM, 2 Gb HDD

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