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Aktuell 3.8.1 MacOSX Multilingual | macOS | 13 mb

Aktuell is a modern, lightning fast, intuitive and elegant reader for reading blogs and news. All your favorite feeds in one app. Be up to date

SYNCING : Feedly, Inoreader, Feedbin, BazQux, TheOldReader, NewsBlur ・ Very fast built-in RSS/Atom/RDF sync, support of all versions of standards ・ Ability to sync all feeds or selected feeds automatically in background

FEEDS AND GROUPS: Smart Groups (advanced filtering on articles you have, with many search criteria) ・ Unlimited groups and feeds ・ Organizing feeds in groups ・ Drag and Drop of feeds and groups to change order ・ OPML import/export

SHARING: Standard Share Menu ・ Email articles ・ iMessage ・ Twitter ・ Facebook ・ LinkedIn ・ Sina Weibo ・ VK …

BOOKMARKS: Built-in bookmarks ・ Evernote ・ Pocket ・ Instapaper ・ Readability

USER INTERFACE: Themes ・ Unique new settings for changing fonts and font sizes of article list and of article view ・ Thumbnails in article list ・ Distraction-free and intuitive modern UI

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Mark articles as read as scroll in article list ・ Reader Mode (distraction-free) ・ Opening articles in external browser ・ In-App Browser ・ Simple Podcasts support, audio and video ・ Video support in articles

NAVIGATION: Gestures ・ Shortcuts customizable ・ Keyboard navigation with arrow keys (between panes)

MODERN LOOK: macOS Sierra / OS X El Capitan look and feel, designed special for this OS ・ San Francisco font ・ Retina display support

YOUR LANGUAGE: Translated professionally and from native speakers ・ English, Deutsch, Français, 汉语, 中文, 日本語, Español, Português, Italiano, Svenska, Nederlands, Dansk, Norsk, Čeština, Latviešu, Türkçe, Русский

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

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