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File size: 340 MB3D-Tool is a viewer for 3D and 2D CAD files; importing many common 3D and 2D CAD File Formats. 3D-Tool gives you the ability to visualize, analyze, and mark-up, and collaborate your CAD projects. – Read/Convert

Read and write to/many CAD data exchange formats, and some native CAD file formats. See our File Types page. – Visualize

The simple user interface allows anybody, without special CAD knowledge, to view your models and drawings, zoom in on details or simply look inside your models using dynamic cross sections. Views any angle can be easily printed or saved as pictures.

Make design reviews successful with Exploded views, Animations, Complex custom saved views, 3D-Notes and dimensions. – Analyze

Various analysis functions such as draft, wall thickness, volume, and measurments, help the mechanical designer understand complex geometry and develop solutions. – Collaborate

With 3D-Tool you can produce zipped self-viewing executable files of your CAD projects, which can be e-mailed and displayed on any PC without installation or additional licensing.

Dimensions and 3D-Notes can be attached to any geometry item to fully convey your thoughts and requirements.

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